Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.11.29 PMMarlin and Julia Sharp both have a love for the great outdoors and the Mineral Basin area in American Fork Canyon. Mary Ellen Gulch holds a special place in their hearts. They, along with the U.S. Forest Service and their 4×4 group, the Lone Peak 4-Wheelers Jeep Club, with membership of around 24 families, have for the past two decades spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours as stewards helping to maintain access, rebuilding washed out roads, fencings off sensitive areas and little known graveyards from early mining days. This is accomplished in conjunction with the Forest Service personnel and adopt-a-trail partnerships.

Professionally Marlin is a graphic designer and film-maker with 4 decades of experience. Recently retired from Brigham Young University, he is now involved as a producer with LegacyShare, a startup organization dedicated to recording individual life stories. Marlin & his wife Julia reside in Lindon Utah. They are the parents of 4 boys and 11 grandchildren. They have a love for pristine places and are very concerned with closures of lands, which have been used by the public for nearly a century. His wife Julia is presently the president of the Lone Peak 4-Wheelers. Both of them are passionate about protecting natural resources through “tread lightly” access and preserving these places for the next generation to enjoy.

If you love 4 x 4 activities and want to know how you can join the 4 wheeling club, contact Marlin or Julia at this email address:

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